Veneers in Valparaiso, IN

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin tooth-colored shells that are bonded over teeth with cosmetic imperfections. This is a way for patients to transform their smile without needing to resort to orthodontics or other procedures. 

Instead, we can just file down your enamel, bond the veneers over the top, and they will cover up any aesthetic imperfections that you want to hide. Your teeth will look as straight, bright, and uniform as you desire. 

Veneers can last for up to 15 years and are made of highly durable and aesthetic porcelain. At Brad Wisowaty, DDS, you are in the driver’s seat of your smile transformation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Valparaiso.

Veneers in Valparaiso

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Even though porcelain is stain-resistant, it can still become discolored over time.

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The veneers placement process

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Dr. Wisowaty will need to examine your teeth to rule out oral health problems like tooth decay or gum disease.Veneers can only be bonded to healthy, strong teeth.

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We will file your enamel by .5mm to create enough room for the veneer.

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Digital or physical impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to a dental lab. A shade guide is used to match your veneers to your natural teeth. Since fabrication takes a few weeks, you will receive temporary veneers during this appointment.

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An outside dental lab uses the impressions we took of your teeth to create wafer-thin shells of porcelain that will look like natural teeth.

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Once we have your veneers, we’ll check how they look and fit and bond them to your teeth.

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Veneers can eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment in minor cases.

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How do I care for my veneers?

Caring for veneers is similar to how you should care for your natural teeth. You will need to brush and floss regularly to prevent oral health problems. You should also attend dental cleanings every 6 months to remove surface stains and plaque buildup.

Most importantly, you should limit your exposure to wear and tear and stains. Patients with bruxism are not good candidates for veneers because they are at high risk of breaking them. However, you may qualify if you wear a mouthguard to sleep every night.

You should also avoid chewing on anything hard and sticky, as this can damage your veneers. Avoid smoking and drink through a straw to limit your exposure to stains. After eating, rinse your mouth out with water so foods and drinks don’t discolor your veneers over time.

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What can veneers fix?

Veneers most commonly treat discoloration, gaps, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, and teeth that are too small, too sharp, awkwardly shaped or have eroded enamel. If you have one or a few teeth that are uneven or have jagged edges, this can offset your entire smile. If you have a few specific teeth you want to cover, then you may only require a few veneers. If you're going to transform your whole smile, you should get enough veneers to cover all of the visible top teeth. This is usually 6 to 8 teeth.

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Dental veneers are incredibly effective at fixing cosmetic imperfections in teeth, like cracks, chips, staining, and discoloration. The dentist will glue these veneers to your teeth to hide the dental defects, giving you a perfect smile. Veneers create a uniform and more attractive smile, especially since dentists create them to mimic your natural tooth color. This means the veneers will be barely noticeable and blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Aside from looking natural, veneers also feel natural, and you can resume your usual eating habits with them on. In short, you don’t have to switch your diet or adopt new dental habits to preserve your veneers. Moreover, veneers are long-lasting and can last up to 20 years if you take good care of them. They’re also very low maintenance, and patients only have to maintain their oral habits to prolong their veneer’s lifespan.

In addition to being low maintenance, veneers typically have better results than teeth whitening. While teeth whitening does whiten teeth, patients may not always get the shade of white they desire. With veneers, dentists can fabricate veneers with the exact shade you want.

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How long veneers last depends on a few factors, including how well you care for your teeth, your dietary habits, and the type of veneers you opt for. That being said, Porcelain veneers last longer and look more natural than composite veneers. However, they’re more expensive than composite veneers and feel bulkier on the teeth. Still, habits like excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking can compromise the longevity of your veneers. Doing both can stain your veneers or dissolve the adhesive holding your veneers in place. In either case, you’ll have to replace your veneers prematurely.

You’ll also have to repair your veneers prematurely if you chip or crack your veneers due to physical impact from accidents or after biting down on a hard object. This is also necessary if the teeth holding your veneer deteriorate from dental decay or your gums recede. In such cases, the dentist must treat the underlying condition before replacing the veneers.

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Veneers are manufactured from two main materials, porcelain, and composite resin. Porcelain is typically stronger and more durable than composite resin. This means that porcelain veneers outlast composite veneers by a few years. They’re also the most popular type of veneer since they look like natural teeth and last a lifetime.

The composite resin material used for composite veneers consists of a combination of organic polymers, fillers, coupling agents, and other additives. The result is a material that looks and feels just like natural teeth. Placing composite veneers isn't as invasive as porcelain veneers. The latter sometimes involves shaving off the enamel, while the former doesn’t.

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Veneers produce longer-lasting results than dental bonding.

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