Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Many families struggle to decide between taking their child to a pediatric or family dentist. While pediatric dentists have their benefits, they also have many limitations for your overall family and your child’s long-term dental care. Read on in this blog from Modern Dentistry to learn about the biggest benefits of seeing a family dentist.


Having the ability to book the entire family’s dental appointments at a single dental office makes scheduling, time management, and your personal life that much more convenient and flexible. 

When you take children to pediatric dentists that only see children up to the age of 18, it can be a hassle to have to orchestrate appointments at separate dental offices for the family. Once your child turns 18, they would also need to find a new dentist. 

Family dentists treat the whole family so we get to know you all and become a dental home for all of your family’s dental needs. For your convenience, you can schedule back-to-back or simultaneous dental appointments at a family dentist.

Knowledge of Family Dental History

Intimate knowledge of a family’s oral health history is important for the prevention and early detection of certain oral health issues. A pediatric dentist wouldn’t be privy to information about the parents’ oral health. 

This makes treating children much more difficult because you don’t know what to look for. As a family dentist, Dr. Brad becomes familiar with the oral health problems that seem to run in your family. 

When an issue pops up in a parent, for example, we can be on alert for signs of these issues in your child’s routine checkups. This gives us additional preventative tools for maintaining oral health and preventing the need for invasive and costly dental treatment.

Eases Dental Anxiety for Children

Dental anxiety is a common problem that affects both children and adults. When your child has a designated dental home that they have become familiar with from a very young age, they form a trusting relationship with the dentist and feel comfortable in the dental environment. 

By scheduling dental appointments early on with the same dentist for the entire family, your child is more likely to form positive associations with the dentist and dental care in general. Aside from being well acquainted with the same dentist, children can also benefit from knowing they’re in good hands because their siblings and parents also go to the same dentist. 

Alleviating dental anxiety is important because anxiety often leads to avoidance of necessary dental treatment.

Regular & Consistent Services

When you form an ongoing relationship with a family dentist, you have reliable and consistent dental care whenever you need it. Whether you’re scheduling routine visits for the whole family, planning invasive restorative procedures, or scheduling a dental emergency appointment for your child, we are always here to cater to any of your family’s dental needs. 

We can work around your busy schedule to schedule appointments when they work best for you. No more taking lots of time off of work or pulling the kids out of school just to find time for a dental cleaning. 

As your family dentist, we can send you reminders about routine checkups and you’ll always know what to expect when it comes to pricing, dental technology, and other services that are available to you, like dental sedation.

Schedule Your Next Family Dental Appointment At Modern Dentistry

When it comes to maintaining the oral health of your entire family, nothing beats a family dentist when it comes to flexibility, convenience, familiarity with family health problems, consistent service, and alleviating dental anxiety. Contact us at Modern Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brad.

"I am a dentist who loves being a dentist. No judging, no moral high horse. Just honest, quality dental care provided with passion."

 – Dr. Brad Wisowaty

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